Financial Analyst

Company Name:
MSX Americas, d/b/a MSX International
FINANCIAL ANALYST (Dearborn, MI) Employ statistical procedures to resolve a wide range of financial issues, including: Database marketing (vehicle purchase, customer loyalty), Risk scoring both at loan origination and throughout its lifecycle, Perform risk analysis of portfolios, customer/dealer segmentation, Portfolio level forecasts of credit loses, Residual value forecasts of lease vehicles, Staffing models that forecast and optimize workload at Business Centers, Models to evaluate and optimize marketing programs, and, Models to determine pricing of the loans so as to optimize profitability and market share. Develop tracking methodologies and reports to monitor model accuracy and evaluate performance. Prepare analysis to back-test and compare competing methodologies. Responsible for maintenance and enhancement of all developed models. Work with various data sources (PC, Mainframe, Unix/Linux, Teradate) to gather data. Analyze various international market date to build scorecards and other statistical models. Execute both descriptive and inferential ad hoc requests in a timely manner. Communicate and present models to non-analytic business customers and executives by translating complex quantitative methods into easily understood results. Utilize SAS programming, JMP, SPSS, R, and MINITAB. The successful candidate will have a Master's degree in Applied Statistics and 36 months experience (Equivalent part time employment will be accepted. Qualifying employment should be post Bachelor studies (or equivalent) but may be acquired during graduate degree program). The successful candidate will have a minimum of 6 months (part or full time experience accepted) of experience in SAS programming, JMP, R, SPSS and MINITAB (experience may be concurrent).
Reply by mail only to MSX International ATT: Recruiter 52, 1950 Concept Dr, Warren MI 48091 & reference JO FA614.

Don't Be Fooled

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